"We all know that a single picture is worth a thousand words and that beautiful photos sell well. With 5+ years of experience in the product photography industry, I am here, for you ready to express your brand's personality via my viewfinder and to create its visual identity."

Elena Andronache - Photographer

In the consumer products industry, having your best foot forward is paramount. That’s why we started Productony - a brand that works with like-minded, eco-friendly companies to create stunning product photos

We work with clients who have an eye for quality - whether it’s under natural or studio light; we can capture the best sides of your product using natural materials and high-quality props. With 5+ years of experience in the photography industry, we also love creating editorial product photos.

We also believe that building long-term relationships with clients is important. These relationships are based on trust and successful collaborations with others. From the beginning to the end of the creative process, we make sure to keep our clients involved. 

Our main focus is on those companies that just start their businesses and who are in need of great images of their products. So if you’re a start-up or company that’s looking to build long-lasting partnerships and promote your products, Productony’s here for you.



Our awesome clients:


What our 

clients say

Gabriela Marulea | Founder and E-commerce Specialist
Pelletteria Italiana

"I have worked with Elena for product & lifestyle photography for my e-commerce webshop (here is the link:
I am super happy with our collaboration, I highly recommend Elena for any photography related job. She knows very well her field and you don't have to worry about briefing her in detail what to do, she is highly experienced and has a good eye for details. She can find how to better photograph your product in any aspect. Regarding lifestyle photography, I was very reluctant about being photographed myself, but after my experience with Elena, I started to really enjoy it! I think it is very important to feel comfortable around your photographer and I can guarantee you that Elena will give you a fantastic vibe during your photoshoot! Thanks a lot!"

Thijs Honselaar | Founder and E-commerce Specialist
Sorma Group

Worked together with Elena on some cool projects. She always knows what needs to be done straight away and is always very dedicated to delivering the best quality possible. She does it all with great positive energy and a smile. It's a pleasure working with Elena!

Mihaela Gonta |Co-Founder 
Plantifique Cosmetics

"We were extremely pleased with the project with Elena. She took beautiful pictures, exactly what we wanted and she was very patient throughout the project. We had as many calls as needed, she was attentive to details, she also came up with ideas and presented us with the mood board. She was very understanding and professional! Communication was very simple with her and she managed to fit in time."

Stella Jemna |Co-Founder 

 I worked several years with Elena and I highly recommend her work. Her photography totally corresponded to the requirements we had for the features we created in the online magazine. She was always attentive to the details with a very creative approach that would satisfy us and the client in the picture. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants something very special, warm, and anti-mainstream.

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